Is Elon Musk building the future?
You will become more familiar with this famous entrepreneur that might one day change the future of mankind…
  • The idea of Progress
    • Elon Musk's ambition is to make the world a better place. Everything he designs is supposed to help in one way or another. So his main goal is to make our world progress.
    • One os his ambitions is to shift from the traditional fossil energies to embrace the renewable energies. It might help sole the problem of global warming.
    • Elon Musk warns about the potential threat of developing A.I. without restrictions. What we see as progress might overcome us and lead to disastrous problems.
  • Spaces and Exchanges
    • The different transport system that he designs are supposed to change the way we travel. With Hyperloop or the new rockets, people will be able to travel faster than ever and might consider new destinations as well.

    • Allowing people to move faster will also allow us to re-evaluate our exchanges with our relatives, or even to travel to countries that would have been out of our reach. So, it might change the way people envision the world.
  • Myths and Heroes
    • By achieving so many things in such a short time, Elon Musk is seen by many as a real-world super hero. He represents the brilliant visionary that could change our world. That makes him unique.

    • With his wild ambition, he might become the first human to send people to Mars and to establish the first human colony on another planet. That would turn a myth into reality.
  • Places and Forms of Power
    • Elon Musk represents a great power both financial but also innovational. He tries to prove that the only limits that are blocking us are the ones coming from our own minds. To him, everything seems possible.This might be very inspirational to a lot of people.
    • Artificial Intelligence might become so powerful that we would be unable to stop it. It raises the question of ethics and responsibility towards the future generations. Should we create a power capable of destroying us?
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  • To unveil: révéler
  • To zoom: rouler à toute vitesse
  • Earthquake: tremblement de terre
  • Skeptical: sceptique
  • C.E.O.: Directeur d'une société
  • To deliver: livrer
  • Affordable: que l'on peut se permettre
  • Customer: client
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  • Provider: fournisseur
  • Chairman: président d'un groupe ou d'une société
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