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China's social credit
Through this document, you will understand the newly created social system in China which should allow the government to reward or blame people depending on their social activities and behavior…
  • The idea of Progress
    • The idea of social credit is supposed to build a better society from a certain perspective. Indeed, by rewarding "good" behavior and blaming the "bad" ones, people should enjoy a more agreeable society to live in…
    • The implementation of such a system shows to what extent the technology has improved over he years. Such system would have been impossible to develop just a few years before.
  • Spaces and Exchanges
    • The privacy of citizens will no longer be seen as private. With such a system, people will be able to "judge" their fellow citizens from a grade that will have been applied by a computerized system. Exchanges will no longer be the same if anyone can instantly have a judgement of your "trustworthiness"…
    • Certain people will be excluded from services such as dating websites. It raises the question of segregating a certain population using a method that will be applied to everyone.
    • Some places might become forbidden for those who don't have the right social grade. As seen in the exemple, people were barred from buying plane tickets…
  • Places and Forms of Power
    • Grading everyone and hence determining what their social live should be is an extremely strong power. It allows to dictate a certain morality without which people cannot obtain what they're looking for.
    • This power will be entrusted to a machine controlled by the Government. Th text refers to this situation as an Orwellian dystopia…
    • The only way people can have power over their social life is to follow what's dictated by the grading system. It represses the notion of free-will to slide to a centralized morality controlled by a singular will.
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  • Loan: prêt / emprunt
  • Broad: large / immense
  • Trustworthiness: sérieux / fiabilité
  • Citizen: citoyen
  • Gathering: rassemblement
  • Meanwhile: pendant ce temps (là)
  • Bill: facture
  • To encompass: inclure / concerner
  • Stifling: étouffant
  • Disposal: disposition
  • Effective: efficace / en vigueur
  • Deposit: acompte / versement
  • Scheme: plan / procédé / combine
  • Fine: amende
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  • Social credit is preventing people from buying
  • stopping social gatherings from happening
  • blocking people from going on certain dating websites.
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