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Creating The Future
Through this document, you will understand how an author can actually create our future. Isaac Asimov almost invented the concept of the modern robots in how books. Today, they are almost among us…
  • The idea of Progress
    • Isaac Asimov imagined what Robots could become and even invented the very concept of "Robotics". In a way, he helped humanity progress in this area by opening this new area that would be developed afterwards.
    • Robots represent a form of progress since it requires imagination, technological advance and multiple skills in order to develop them. Their purpose is to help humanity with tasks that are too complicated, complex or repetitive.
  • Spaces and Exchanges
    • Robots will become a new form of intelligence that we will have to live and interact with. As Asimov says, some people have developed smart cars that you can talk to. Nowadays, we interact with more and more automated machines that embark AI on board.
    • Robots will help us interact with machines, making Human - machine interface a lot easier to understand. In other words, it is much more natural to talk to a human-like machine than to type commands on a keyboard.
  • Places and Forms of Power
    • For a lot of people, robots are considered as a threat. But the truth is maybe more subtle. Power is not in the hands of robots but in those who designed them. They are the ones benefiting from their work and influence.
    • Robots might become a new form of power that the world will have to consider. If scientists keep developing them with AI as well, we might soon be faced with a real and new form of conscience. The question will then be: what to do with this?
    • Another question that should be considered is the following: should we create "robotic people" to have them serve as slaves? What would be the point? Should we keep con trolls over them or let them be?
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