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Discussing technology
Through this set of documents, you will become familiar with a certain vision of the evolution of technology.
  • The idea of Progress
    • All the documents show how progress influences people and situations.
    • Progress can be seen as negative through the perspective of tools. The more complex they are the more they make us regress.
    • Phones and tablets may be seen as a gigantic progress but sometimes it can be a social regression if we forget the real people next to us.
    • Phones have been progressing a lot in technology and are more like tiny computers than phones anymore.
    • Robots can be a real impressive progress for humanity if they can help and do what humans cannot anymore.
    • 3D printers can now help people get artificial limbs for less money. It should open this progress to a lot of populations.
    • Virtual reality might help people travel, discover and dream in the future.
  • Spaces and Exchanges
    • Phones, tablets, computers and internet are great communication tools. It helps millions of people keep in touch.
    • Sometimes, people can be more inclined to talk to people online than to exchange with real people next to them.
    • Virtual reality might become more than just watching virtual world but we might meet real people there and feel we are in the same place.
    • Robots might become our companions in the future. Talking and exchanging with them will become quite natural in the future.
  • Places and Forms of Power
    • Tools give us more power over lots of things but we must be careful not to become dependent on them.
    • Smartphones give us access to a lot of knowledge and capacities at any time. In a way, it makes us more powerful.
    • Robots might help humanity in a lot of domains but we might wonder about the power we should grant them.
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  • Tool: outil
  • Monkey: singe
  • Gesture: geste
  • Screen: écran
  • Antenna: antenne
  • Artificial limb: membre artificiel
  • Spear: lance
  • Rake: râteau
  • Pneumatic Drill: marteau piqueur
  • Virtual reality headset: Lunettes de realité virtuelle
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