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What is the future of communication?
In this text, you will understand the evolution of the way people communicate and what might become our future.
  • The idea of Progress
    • Throughout time, people have been using more and more technology. What was considered as science fiction is now our daily life.

    • The internet has allowed a huge progress in the way people communicate with each other. Now almost everyone is reachable at almost any moment of the day. It constitutes a vast network of communication around the world.

    • Now, it is no longer necessary to use traditional medias to address the population of a country. People can now publish their own work and broadcast themselves from the confort of their living room. It allows people to talk to others with no filter in-between.

    • Augmented reality allows us to have more information layered on our vision in order to help us with our everyday tasks. It will no longer be necessary to use a smartphone to get information form the web.
  • Spaces and Exchanges
    • Communication has evolved in the past decades and it has become something totally new today. Now, it seems absolutely natural to see someone across the globe in real time for free. A few years ago, that was science fiction. It allows people to communicate more naturally with others with less limitations.

    • The way we communicate today has also changed our social interactions. Since communication is present almost everywhere, we have become addicted to that and it seems almost impossible to step away from this vast network of people communicating together about almost everything.

    • Social networks have changed the way we consider relationships. With social networks, it is now easier to keep in touch with people we don’t see regularly or even share medias with friends and family in just a few seconds.
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  • Increasing: croissant (en hausse)
  • Lead: mener
  • Audience: public
  • Support: soutien
  • Overlay: surcouche
  • Review: critique
  • Laptop: ordinateur portable
  • Drawback: inconvenient
  • Duration: durée
  • Still: immobile
  • Device: appareil
  • Thoughts: pensées
  • Network: réseau
  • Pace: rythme
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