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The road to transhumanism
This article will help you understand the idea of transhumanism. You will become more familiar with the possible and even probable advances of technology related to the human body and our perception of reality.
  • The idea of Progress
    • Transhumanism is the essence of progress. It represents the ultimate progress of the human kind, that is to be able to transcend its own biological envelope.

    • Transhumanism means that the human kind is or should be able to decide of its future evolution. It means to no longer let « destiny » be the only rule.

    • Technology is the most important aspect of transhumanism. It means that technology is what will allow us to evolve to something new. In other words, technology will become part of the human body as long as we have one.

    • Every aspect of transhumanism is based on the idea that technology evolves much faster that the human body. Transhumanism will allow the body to be upgraded to be able to do more.

    • Progress will be the rule. If what transhumanists say is true, it means that we will no longer suffer diseases or even have to worry about dying since life will no longer be linked to a biological envelope.

    • In a few words, transhumanism is the ultimate progress that humanity has to achieve to be able to transcend itself and evolve with no more restrictions.
  • Myths and Heroes
    • Transhumanism is making science fiction sound old fashion. In a way, it allows almost every myth to become true: immortality, the fountain of youth, infinite knowledge, super strength, super agility, super vision, teleportation etc…

    • With this final evolution, everyone will potentially be able to become a super hero, a genius, or anything he wants to become. The last limit will be our own imagination.
  • Places and Forms of Power
    • Transhumanism is all about what we CAN do. So, it’s all about power. Humans have always searched ways to do more than they could. This might represent the perfect solution.

    • We might wonder if this evolution is kept for some people only and not everyone if it may not lead to a society where people would be immortal, have super powers and know everything about everyone. And below them, there would be the rest of the population with « just » a norman « un-enhanced » humanity. It would then just be power held between the hands of those who can afford this « upgrade » at the cost of all the others.
  • Space and Exchange
    • Transhumanism is the final step in terms of exchange. With technology implemented directly in the body and the brain, we would literally be able keep in touch with everyone at every instant of our lives. This means a completely new way to consider everything we do.

    • If what scientists are saying about transhumanism is true, it may lead to a completely new way of considering our own living space. It means that we could travel FROM our body at the speed of light through networks as we are using today for internet. It we can indeed « download » our identity and our conscience into digital vehicles, there will no longer be the need for real physical vehicles to transport a biological body. It means that our society will become a gigantic virtual reality in which everyone will be able to travel at the speed of light.
Open all notions
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  • Sliding scale: barème dégressif
  • From scratch: à partir de rien
  • Threshold: seuil : aube
  • To remove: retirer
  • Limb: membre
  • Thus: par conséquent / ainsi
  • Weak: faible
  • Benefit: avantage / bénéfice
  • Pitfall: piège / danger
  • Trigger: déclencher
  • Likewise: de même
  • To stem from: provenir de
  • To underpin: étayer / soutenir
  • Ubiquitous: omniprésent / répandu
  • Wigged out: être décoiffé par…
  • Spooky: effrayant
  • Wariness: prudence / méfiance
  • Livelihood: moyens d'existence
  • Disruptive: perturbateur
  • Fuddy-duddies: vieux schnock
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  • We have been augmenting our humanity — our strength, our wisdom, our empathy — with tools since prehistory
  • We have always been spooked by technologies
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